The InsightEdge Platform, a combination of the GigaSpaces in-memory data grid and an open-source analytics ecosystem, is an in-memory insight platform that supports fast-data analytics, artificial intelligence and real-time applications. Customers can use this platform to develop their own systems that provide instant data-driven insights with time-to-analytics at a sub-second scale, and the ability to hyperscale analytics from SQL, streaming to machine learning via Apache Spark.

The InsightEdge Platform provides extreme performance with ultra-low latency, high-throughput transactions and stream processing, due to the co-location of applications and analytics. All of this functionality is available in a cloud-native, infrastructure-agnostic deployment for hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

InsightEdge Enterprise offers the following additional benefits:

  • Multi-tiered data storage across RAM, SSD, and Storage-Class Memory (3DXPoint)

  • High availability (up to 5 nines) with auto-healing

  • Disaster recovery via geo-redundancy, fast data replication and native persistence

If you are already using InsightEdge or GigaSpaces, refer to the Release Notes for a list of new features, changes, updates, and resolved issues.

Licensing Options

The InsightEdge Platform and GigaSpaces are available in Java and .NET flavors, and offer several licensed editions, along with open-source editions. You can download a free 30-day trial version of any of the following:

  • InsightEdge Platform - Offers the full functionality of InsightEdge and the Enterprise edition, along with additional features such as full ANSI SQL compatibility.

  • Premium - Provides all the functionality of the open-source edition, plus high availability and convenient management features (including the Service Grid user interface).

  • Enterprise - Builds on the Premium edition, adding the MemoryXtend feature (supporting SSD/HDD, PMEM, and off-heap RAM) and Multi-Site WAN Replication for geo-redundancy.

When the trial period is over, you can continue to benefit from the open-source functionality, or contact GigaSpaces support to purchase a license for the edition that best suits your needs.


A wide variety of documentation is provided to help you learn how to install, implement, and deploy InsightEdge and GigaSpaces. Below is a general description of of the guides and other learning aids that are available.

Main Documentation Page

Read the following if you are just starting out with InsightEdge or GigaSpaces:

  • For a brief overview of concepts, terminology, and other programming fundamentals, see the Product Overview section.

  • For for information how to install and configure InsightEdge and GigaSpaces, and how to quickly get up and running with these products, see the Getting Started section.

Read the following for detailed information about the InsightEdge and GigaSpaces APIs and how to use them to build your own full-featured applications:

Additional Resources

The following resources may provide a deeper understanding of the products, and help kick-start your development process: